Reading Slumps and How I Get Out of Them

So if you like to read books you’ve probably come across a reading slump from time to time. If you haven’t then you are lucky and I wish that I was you. For me reading slumps are this, picture it; a fantastic book that I’ve been dying to read for so long, I’m a couple chapters into it, its better than everybody said it was going to be, I’m pretty sure this is going to be one of my new favourite series, I have all the time in the world, I put that book down and complain I don’t have time/I’m too busy to read even though I am clearly not. Why do I do this to myself? But I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one!

Getting out of a reading slump is hard but once I’m out, I am out and there is nothing that will stop me from reading and completing my GoodReads challenge for the year. How do I get out of reading slumps then, I fail a couple times first but I keep at it at that is the most important thing. But I mainly follow these steps to help get me through.

Step 1. – Pick up the damn book. Even if its just a chapter or a couple pages. That is something and it is progress.

Step 2. – Monitor your progress somehow. Whether this is through something like GoodReads or just writing it down in your own little notebook or your phone. Monitoring your progress can help motivate you to read more and then you can be like ‘Oh wow look at how much I’ve read since the slump’, it’ll make you feel good.

Step 3. – Talk to other people who have read that book. I bet you that they will say things like ‘Omg you’re coming up to my favourite part’, ‘The next part is so good!’ and ‘Wait you haven’t read the ending, the ending is unreal you need to know what happens’. Then this will get you like ‘damn what are they talking about I need to know’. If you don’t know anybody reading that book then look at none spoilery reviews online.

Step 4. – Keep reading. You’ve got to keep going little by little until it becomes part of your routine again. Once you get it into your routine you’ll be flying through books like there is no tomorrow.

Step 5. – Take the book with you. You have to take public transport? Take your book. You have an appointment somewhere? Take your book. You’re going to work/school? Take your book. Going for a walk? Take your book. You understand? Just take the book with you. It helps to maybe invest in a bad big enough to carry a book too so then you have no excuses.

Step 6. – If you fall into the slump again, try again. And if you keep trying and trying and it is still not working ditch the book and pick up something that is short, easy to read and your style. No point and no shame in not finishing a book you are not enjoying. There is not enough time in this world to spend it reading books you don’t enjoy. And if it really comes to it, you can just pick up that book again at another time in your life, its not a big deal.

Reading should be fun and something that keeps us happy. I’m in a reading slump right now and it is killing me. So what am I doing instead of picking up the book? I’m writing about how I should pick up the damn book!

Are you in a reading slump or have any tips to get out of one? Let me know in the comments!

Selling My Old Books

Hey, so recently I have come to realise I have too many books to fit on my shelves. Many of them I read a long time ago and won’t read again and some of them are second copies of books that I already own! I’ve also been having some car trouble lately that has emptied my bank account more than I would have liked… so I came to the conclusion to sell my old books to make a little money to help fix my car so its drivable and I can get back to uni for my last term.

Here is a link to the shop I am selling the books at. You can message me for more details and I may even change the prices if its reasonable. I’ll also be adding more books to it soon so you can follow my depop shop and/or my tumblr where you will see the updated books for sale.


I’ve heard so many great this about this book so when I went to buy a copy they were on offer and I couldn’t resist! So I thought I’d give one copy away through my tumblr page.  Just follow the link below to be able to enter.

UK and EU only sorry! I’m a poor student and can’t afford too high of a shipping bill.


Lets Talk Books: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

My Rating: 3/5

I read this for a Travelling Book Project by Books-and-Tea on Tumblr

Although I did initially really enjoy this book while reading it I also have some issues with it. The idea of the book was great. It is about a girl that cannot control a power that she has. She does not know where this power came from or why she has it. Due to this power her parents send her away and she is locked up in some prison/asylum type thing.Here she has to deal with what has happened in the past and what her future could possibly hold. Unexpectedly, she gets a roommate. A boy. A pretty boy. Shock I know right? First boy shes seen in years and he is stunning. YA cliche but some people like that stuff I guess. Its just really not my thing. Usually because it is followed by insta-love… and shock this book does it too. So if insta-love isn’t your thing then maybe steer away from this or do what I do and pretend its not happening and focus on the action, which there is still quite a lot of in the books.

The action throughout this book is very well done. Nothing is revealed straight away leaving an air of mystery of why things are happening and where they are going. There are awesome fight scenes and great main characters who really know how to fight. Ignoring the romance this book is actually quite action packed and full of suspense.

My problems with this book are to do with the two main characters Juliette and Adam. As well as the insta-love that is happen they are completely useless at keeping each other informed. The book could be halved if they would just USE THEIR WORDS. Like if they just talked to each other about ANYTHING things would go so much easier for them. Like honestly they are useless and it was very infuriating to read. I did like Adam as a character but Juliette annoyed after she met Adam because he becomes one of the only things she thinks about. My favourite character of this book, is Warner. Warner is the antagonist in this book and is very snarky and mean like most antagonists are. I did have one problem with him however. He was very forward both romantically and sexually with Juliette and it created situations that made me uncomfortable while reading it. However, these are few and far between and stop happening as the book develops and he realises her power. I just love a good bad guy character, not so much of a fan the things he does. As a character he is pretty damn good.

Without getting into spoilers, the ending of this book really through me off. It did not take the direction I thought it would. Like as in, the direction it went in didn’t even cross my mind at all. Was anybody else surprised at this, or was it just me being an idiot?

TLDR: Insta-lovey but with plenty of action, this book was good but not amazing. Main characters are pretty dumb but I guess that can be forgiven. Fantastic bad guy who does bad guy things because he wants to and so far doesn’t have some soppy origin story to why he is bad. Would recommend if you’re into romance with a bit of action. Not sure if I want to read the rest of the series however.

Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it? Should I continue this series?  Let me know what you think and don’t forget to follow for more reviews and book type posts if you enjoyed! 



Unpopular Book Tag

This tag was from tumblr and orignially posted on tumblr.

Thanks for tagging me @pokebecher

I don’t feel like I read a lot of popular books bc I’m always behind on the times but this seems fun so I’m giving it a go.

Popular book you disliked ~ I really didn’t like Divergent. Like at all. I hated Tris and I hated the insta-love romance. I really just didn’t see the hype

Book that everyone disliked that you love ~ I love Beautiful Creatures (and the rest of the series) but nobody seems to talk about it on here on when they do its very negative

Central ship you dislike ~ Clary and Jace. Don’t know why but I’m not like excited about their relationship whenever I read it

Popular genre you don’t usually read ~ Contemporary. I’m too much into Fantasy and Horror and I have so many books to catch up in those genres to bother with contemporary

Beloved character you hate ~ Peeta from The Hunger Games series. He just annoyed me and I wasn’t a fan of his relationship with Katniss. He was just v dull imo

Popular author you can’t get into ~ Maggie Stiefvater. I like The Raven Boys but I remember trying to read her older series of Shiver and just really disliking that series

Popular trope you are tired of ~ Insta-love or Love Triangles. Hate them so much. Even tho I love The Infernal Devices the love triangle still bothered me

Movie/TV show is better than the book ~ Stardust by Neil Gaiman I liked the book when I read it but the Film just gives so much more and I love the film so much

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