Lets Talk Books: Alice in Zombieland (The White Rabbit Chronicles) by Gena Showalter

My Rating: 1/5



   If you are looking to read this book because you think it is an Alice in Wonderland re-telling then you are very wrong.

When I first picked up this book I thought it was a re-telling with zombies and awesome fight scenes and a badass grown up alice kicking undead arse. I was very disappointed. There is little to no Alice in Wonderland references in this book apart from the fact that she’s called alice and occasionally see’s white rabbit symbols.

The main thing that annoyed me most about this book was the instalove. As soon as she see’s him she’s so in love with him… but she still hasn’t spoken to him yet… However, that’s not the worst part, she;s warned away from him ‘cos he’s dangerous and all his friends are bad news too’. Every YA romance cliche ever is put into this scene. The worst part was how controlling he was. Their relationship (if you can even call it that) becomes borderline abusive.

The only good parts of this book was the zombie hunting and Alice’s backstory. However there was very little of either of these. For a book called Alice in Zombieland I thought there would be a lot more zombie hunting and a lot less kissing.

Overall I pretty much hated this book so much so I had to force myself to keep reading in the hopes it would get better. (Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t) 

TLDR: Basically this book is advertised as a fariytale retelling and I was disappointed that it wasn’t. Lots of YA romance cliches so if you’re into that sorta thing this book is for you


Lets Talk Books: The Road by Cormac McCarthy

My Rating 1/5



Initially, I was quite excited to read this novel it had promise of adventure and suspense. However when I actually began to read this novel I realised adventure and suspense were not to be expected. Personally I couldn’t get into this book at all.

When I first began to read the thing that put me off most was the lack of punctuation. There were no commas or speech marks, only periods. This was a big off put for me. I understand that it is supposed to symbolise how monotonous the man and the boys life is but that could have been done in other ways. Not only was there a lack of punctuation but there are no chapters and very little communication between the characters.

I felt as if the story was very slow paced and it took so long for the characters to progress through the story. Everything they do just seems very pointless and monotonous. I think this is because I couldn’t connect with the characters in anyway. They have no names or even much of a backstory, you’re kind of just thrown into the middle of the story and expected know what was going on and why. Honestly I never really cared for them. I didn’t care where they went, who they met or what they did. McCarthy really doesn’t give these characters much depth (yet they weren’t badly written). There seemed to be very little intimacy between the man and the boy which made me feel very little towards them. He made the characters reflect the landscape in that the land is empty and so are they.

TLDR: Had to read this for college and found it really depressing and it made me really not wanna finish it. Its good but not a book I would read for pleasure because my god its depressing af