Review Policy

If you would like me to read and review your book for you please read this first!

I am happy to read and review books for my blog however I do have preferred genres and formats. I also have genres that I do not read as they do not interest me.

Accepted Genres:

  • Fantasy
  • High Fantasy
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Steampunk
  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • YA
  • Historical Fiction (1800’s and previous)
  • Dystopia

Not Accepted Genres:

  • Contemporary
  • Romance
  • Erotica

Accepted Formats

  • Physical (preferred)
  • Audiobook
  • Mobi

It will always take me longer to read eBooks as I mainly read physical or audiobooks.

The reading time will depend on length of the book and also how much more I have going on as I work and am also a student at university.

If you have any questions or would like me to review something for you then send me an email which you can find on my Contact Page.