Lets Talk Books: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

My Rating: 3/5

I read this for a Travelling Book Project by Books-and-Tea on Tumblr

Although I did initially really enjoy this book while reading it I also have some issues with it. The idea of the book was great. It is about a girl that cannot control a power that she has. She does not know where this power came from or why she has it. Due to this power her parents send her away and she is locked up in some prison/asylum type thing.Here she has to deal with what has happened in the past and what her future could possibly hold. Unexpectedly, she gets a roommate. A boy. A pretty boy. Shock I know right? First boy shes seen in years and he is stunning. YA cliche but some people like that stuff I guess. Its just really not my thing. Usually because it is followed by insta-love… and shock this book does it too. So if insta-love isn’t your thing then maybe steer away from this or do what I do and pretend its not happening and focus on the action, which there is still quite a lot of in the books.

The action throughout this book is very well done. Nothing is revealed straight away leaving an air of mystery of why things are happening and where they are going. There are awesome fight scenes and great main characters who really know how to fight. Ignoring the romance this book is actually quite action packed and full of suspense.

My problems with this book are to do with the two main characters Juliette and Adam. As well as the insta-love that is happen they are completely useless at keeping each other informed. The book could be halved if they would just USE THEIR WORDS. Like if they just talked to each other about ANYTHING things would go so much easier for them. Like honestly they are useless and it was very infuriating to read. I did like Adam as a character but Juliette annoyed after she met Adam because he becomes one of the only things she thinks about. My favourite character of this book, is Warner. Warner is the antagonist in this book and is very snarky and mean like most antagonists are. I did have one problem with him however. He was very forward both romantically and sexually with Juliette and it created situations that made me uncomfortable while reading it. However, these are few and far between and stop happening as the book develops and he realises her power. I just love a good bad guy character, not so much of a fan the things he does. As a character he is pretty damn good.

Without getting into spoilers, the ending of this book really through me off. It did not take the direction I thought it would. Like as in, the direction it went in didn’t even cross my mind at all. Was anybody else surprised at this, or was it just me being an idiot?

TLDR: Insta-lovey but with plenty of action, this book was good but not amazing. Main characters are pretty dumb but I guess that can be forgiven. Fantastic bad guy who does bad guy things because he wants to and so far doesn’t have some soppy origin story to why he is bad. Would recommend if you’re into romance with a bit of action. Not sure if I want to read the rest of the series however.

Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it? Should I continue this series?  Let me know what you think and don’t forget to follow for more reviews and book type posts if you enjoyed! 



Lets Talk Books: The Maze Runner by James Dashner

My Rating: 3/5



I gave this book 3/5 because I really enjoyed the storyline and certain characters. However, there was a lot wrong with this book. I felt that most of the characters weren’t developed enough so I couldn’t connect with them, the writing style was ‘meh’ and worst of all… instalove.

Firstly, there were very few characters I actually cared for in this book. And actually I really didn’t like the main character, Thomas. I felt like he showed little to no emotion (except to Chuck) and the fact that he waltzed in and was smarter than the other boys annoyed me. He’d literally been there a week and he was bossing people about. Everything with him just felt so rushed.

Furthermore, the very few characters that I cared for and wanted to know more about seemed to just be pushed away so Thomas could just do everything. Also when certain characters died I didn’t feel anything because a) The character had no depth b) it was predictable.

Mostly, the instalove annoyed me. The whole ‘we don’t know each other but I feel as if I’ve know you all my life’ plot has been so overused. As soon as the girl was introduced was when the rest of the characters started being pushed away and forgotten about. If you like that romancey stuff then you might enjoy it. But I felt as if it started to overshadow the main plot.

Overall, this wasn’t a horrendous book but it also wasn’t one of my favourites. The story itself amazing but I just wish it was written a bit better and with more character development. I’m not going to read the rest of the series straight away but I will probably give them ago in the future.

TLDR: Cool new world. Very few characters I found I could care about. Pointless romancey stuff which I felt didn’t put much into the story. Instalove ughh. Probs won’t continue with the series 

Lets Talk Books: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya by Nagaru Tanigawa

Rating 3/5

SO I read this book as part of the Travelling Book Project that I am doing with some p cool EU people from @booksandtea ‘s discord which you can join if you like reading and stuff 


              If you like espers, aliens and time-travellers then this book is the one for you.

So this book is a weird one. Like in a good way but also in like ‘wait wtf did I just read’ kinda way. Reading this book was definitely interested and I was always left wanting to know what was about to happen next. I personally really like guessing whats going to happen next in a book that I’m reading, but with this sometimes I just gave up guessing because no matter what I thought I was wrong. Okay maybe I was right on one or two occasions but the rest of it? None of what I would have guessed happened.

This book is basically about two high school students in Japan looking for weird mysterious stuff so that there life can be interesting again. I understand this completely because I wish some time traveller would show up at my college and make something interesting happen. That is what this book is all about the everyday life of 2 students just being fucked up in the best, most fun kinda way. This book is packed with fun and is very random and spontaneous in a way that will just get you laughing or asking ‘wtf’… but in a good way!

My only problem with this book would be some of the scenes that involve what can only be described as straight up sexual harassment. The main character straight up exploits another character through her appearances and forces her to do things that she does not consent to. This is obviously an issue within the book as it makes many scenes very awkward and makes you see certain characters in a different way than intended. The reason I have given it 3 stars is because I feel as if a lot of the books sense of adventure and humour is lost due to the very questionable acts of certain characters.

TLDR; This book is really fucking odd but really fucking good. Would recommend reading it. I might pick up the rest of the series but I wouldn’t say that its a ‘must’ for reading the rest. Read it for the Travelling Book Project I am a part of. Oh yea and like this is akso apparently an anime too which I really wanna watch cos this book would be an amazing anime. And I am a fan of the animes so ya know. 

If you’ve read the book (or seen the anime) tell me what you thought of it cos it was deff an interesting read and I’d love more opinions on it thanks. 

If you want more information about the Travelling Book Project I am a part of check the #TravellingBooksandTea and also check out @booksandtea ‘s page for more information on the bookish discord