Why I Love Audiobooks

So I have seen a lot of the posts that say something like

‘If you think listening to audiobooks is actually reading you’re cancelled’

I used to think like that but then I actually listened to an audiobook. I don’t wanna talk too much more about that because I feel like it is very negative and if you want to talk about it there are plenty of people on twitter willing to argue for days. What I do want to talk about it why I love audiobooks so much.

1. Long Drives

To drive home for the holidays I have to drive for around 5 hours. That is a long time to just do nothing. I used to listen to the radio but then that just gets dull. The radio just plays the same 10 songs on repeat… Also I like to drive through the night to avoid traffic and nightime radio gets weird. 

Audiobooks really changed driving for me. I am genuinely excited for these long drives because of how much reading I can get done. So far I have listened to 7 audiobooks just this year and most of them I listened to while driving, because I drive a lot. Since July I have listened to 41 hours. That is a lot of journeys.

2. I Can Read Books That Have Been On My TBR For A While

Most of the books that I have listened to have been ones on my tbr that I have had for a while but never got round to buying. So I use my free credit to try and clean up my older tbr. This is why I picked up Cinder. Then I ended up listening to and loving the whole series. I think if I hadn’t listened to it then I probably still wouldn’t have read it and I would still be missing out.

3. Re-reading Faves

This year have read Red Sister and Grey Sister in physical copies but also re-read them through audiobook. If you haven’t been on my blog on twitter very long you might not know how obsessed and how much I love this series. But I do. I only started it this year and I have already re-read them because they were just that good. I never usually reread because I just don’t have the time, but now I do thanks to audiobooks.

4. The Narrators

I love it when I find a good narrator. They are so much better than just me in my head. I think the narrators really make or break an audiobook. I also often wonder if I would have enjoyed books as much if I had read them myself rather than listen to them. Right now I am loving The Diviners series which I have only ever listened to. The Narrator, January LaVoy, is fantastic. She has a very distinctively different voice for every character and even sings the parts that are supposed to be sung. I have thought if I would have loved it as much if I didn’t have her reading it to me. I guess I’ll never know… Until I try listening to a book that I have DNF’d which I do plan on doing with some.

If you like audiobooks tell me which ones are your favourites to listen to! Do you have any favourite Narrators? 

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15 thoughts on “Why I Love Audiobooks

  1. Audiobooks are the best! I’ve listened to so many books I probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. Also, an amazing audiobook is A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. Narrated by Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy!) and he does a brilliant job. Really enhances the story

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