Book Review: Radio Silence by Alice Oseman


If you have followed my blog for a while you will know that I don’t read contemporary, like ever. But I very quickly because obsessed with Radio Silence. Like I mean OBSESSED. I listened to the audiobook and I could not stop listening. I was on holiday while reading this and I was basically just sat by the pool with my headphones on not letting anybody talk to me. My boyfriend would come over and ask me to do anything or if I wanted to get something and I would be like shhhh no I’m listening. I finished it in like 3 days, maybe even less because I just couldn’t put it down. I also had the pleasure of meeting Alice Oseman at an LGBT+ event at Newcastle Waterstones and she was so lovely and amazing!



The main thing that gotta me stuck on this book was the main character, Frances. I loved reading from her point of view and the way she talked like an actual teenager would. She wasn’t overly pretentious or really mature, just a normal teenager. I also felt like I connected with her because I too was told that going to uni was the best and only thing and that I could do and A-Levels were the only way I could get there. I was also a teenager that spent way too much time on tumblr and became obsessed with certain things and got involved in fandoms. I just loved how real it felt while I was reading it.

Frances wasn’t the only character that I loved. I also loved Aled. I could also connect to certain parts of his life too which once again made everything seem more real and as if maybe these characters weren’t just characters, maybe they were people you actually felt like you knew.

The characters are all so diverse and interesting. Not everybody is white and not everybody is straight. There is even asexual representation in Radio Silence. This is something I only knew about through the internet and I have certainly never read about an asexual character before. I am glad that there are now all sorts of representation in YA books because it means young people can read and understand about themselves and also the people around them.

This book was a stand-alone which is really annoying because I would love to read about these characters for a little while longer. I usually read series as I get very invested in characters and their lives… if you can’t tell by this review. I also usually read fantasy and contemporary is really not my kind of thing and I usually avoid that. But sooooooo many people where recommending this to me so I thought I would give it a go. And I am so glad that I did. The storyline was just amazing and there was plenty of plot twists to go with it. I did not expect the story to go where it went but I was fully there for the ride and where ever it went. I can’t wait to read even more Alice Oseman books and see what else she has to offer. Who knows, maybe Alice Oseman has been my gateway to contemporary? I could have a whole new genre to read and review after this!

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