Series Crackdown 5.0

Since it has been my goal this year to finish some series and read more sequels this is the perfect Read-a-Thon for me! It takes place between August 3rd and 12th. It is a 10 day long event in which you need to get through a series. I have quite a lot of series that I need to finish/sequels I need to catch up on. Looking at my shelf now I have 7 series that I need to finish (that I actually own the sequels for anyway).

These are my main books that I will be choosing from:


I have already chosen Beautiful Redemption for myself as it has been on y shelf the longest and will mean I will have finally finished The Caster Chronicles series! I am going to cheat a little bit and have a slight head start on this one but only by 1 day. And I am mostly at work that day so I doubt I’ll get much read anyway.

I asked my Boyf to choose a book from this picture and he obviously picked the longest book on there… Traitor to the Throne. This is one I have wanted to read for over 2 years now (I think that is when I read the first one). I loved Rebel of the Sands but for some reason I have put off reading this one…

If I manage to get through both of these then I will pick another from this pic but I’m playing it safe as I will also be working a lot during this time.

You can sign up for the read-a-thon here! Let me know if you are taking part! Which book should I read for my 3rd book? (if I can manage it)

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