I Went To My First Ever Book Convention #NYALitFest

Hi… it’s been a while, but I back! I stopped blogging for a bit so I could finish this year of uni and then just got into a big slump but I have posts written and ready to schedule and hopefully I am back now.

Anyway… recently I went to my first ever book convention. Since I have started blogging I have always wanted to go to one because I see everybody else doing it. However, living in the North East I can’t really attend many because they are usually far away and travelling is expensive. That was until I joined the #NorthernBloggers and they told me about NYA Lit Fest in Preston. I would still have to travel but it is a hell of a lot closer than London. So I drove myself, Hannah, Steph and her sister 2 and a half hours to Preston to my first ever book convention!

The roadtrip was great we literally talked about everything. Including the the following topics; babies and giving birth, our own funerals, animal rights and sexuality. Then we finally got there and I had a stuggle finding somewhere to park and I did 2 50 point turns to get out of narrow streets I accidentally drove down. But we made it there alive!

Then we queued up for a little while with everybody else and had a good old chat about books. When we were let in we got goody bags *yay*. This is when I received my first ever ARC. So as I am still quite new to the blogging world and still quite small I have never received an ARC. (I did however buy one from a charity shop once before I knew that you weren’t supposed to sell them) By the end of the day I would have 2 ARCs. Never had one in my life then all of a sudden I leave with 2?! That was amazing for me.

I also got to meet lots of new people including Lauren from Northern Plunder (check out her blog!) who I have known from tumblr for years but never met! That was a real moment for me we took a pic and had a chat it was very cute. I also got to meet some authors too. I met Mel Salisbury for the second time and she was so funny and lovely. Alexandra Christo said I was cool and I nearly died. And David Owen and Taran Matharu who were both amazing and I really really need to read their books. (and you should too).

NYA Lit Fest is a book convention for YA in Preston. Their main event is in March and then they also little mini events like this one. I would 100% go to this event again and it has made me also want to go to all of the events! I am very jealous of everybody that is going to YALC soon. Hopefully I will be able to afford to go to more events and meet even more people and authors because I really had such a good time and I want to do it like all the time!

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5 thoughts on “I Went To My First Ever Book Convention #NYALitFest

  1. I just got my first ARC since blogging too and it was the BEST feeling! I haven’t been to a convention yet either, but might start looking into some soon. I’m glad you had fun!


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