Mid Year Wrap Up!

I thought that this post would be good to make to see my progress now that we are half way through the year! At the very beginning I set some challenges for myself so I am going to see how many of those I have completed so far as well as some other things!

So I set out my challenges in a post you can find here in case you missed it!

I have read 15 books so far! This is over my goal for the year *yay*

This is everything I have read so far:

so far

Here are the challenges I have set for myself:

  • Read at least 12 books
  • Read a book that isnโ€™t fantasy (like I always read)
  • Finish a series
  • Read at least 2 2nd books in a series (I am literally the WORST for starting a series and then never picking up the 2nd book)
  • Read at least 2 books that have been on my shelves for over a year
  • Finish the Caster Chronicles
  • Join in with a Read-a-long
  • Read something that isnโ€™t YA

I have completed 4/8 so I would say that I am doing quite well!

I also said that I was going to read sequels and not really start any new series this year, lets see how well I have done with that…:

Sequels Read: 7 (I am including any book in a series that isn’t the first book)

Series Finished: 

Series Started: 7… ummm oops? So much for only trying to finish series! (1 including the book I am reading now)

This is my Top 3 this year so far…

  1. Red Sister (Is this a shock to anybody right now?! Grey Sister is also included in this so I can use another spot for another book)
  2. State of Sorrow
  3. Winter (basically this whole series but Cress and Winter were the best ones for me)

I’m just going to mention some cool book/blogging things that have happened so far this year:

  • I went to my first book signing since I was 12 to see Melinda Salisbury and Alice Broadway which was amazing
  • I am now part of the Northern Bloggers which is fab and they are lovely
  • I am in the acknowledgements of On Holy Ground by Louise Cole which is amazing but also very strange to me since I’m just a small blogger
  • I met Den Patrick in Southampton a couple weeks ago and he signed my copy of Witch Sign which I have been waiting forever for it to come out
  • I hit like 150+ followers on this blog and over 300 on my twitter which is a bit mental to me

So yea this is my Mid Year Wrap Up! I hope you have enjoyed. I am sorry I haven’t been around recently but hopefully that is all about to change!

I also now have a Ko-Fi page where you can virtually buy me a coffee in a way of supporting me. I have only set this up bc of personal issues I am having and you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


7 thoughts on “Mid Year Wrap Up!

  1. Congrats on achieving that much this month! My GR challenge is not looking nearly as good but I’ll be doing a readathon to shave off some off my TBR very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m really looking forward to The Red Sister, I’ve heard it’s amazing. My favourite in the Lunar Chronicles series was definitely Scarlet but I found Cress the cutest and Winter super intense. I miss that series soooo much!

    Anyway, great post and best of luck with the rest of your challenge! ๐Ÿ™‚


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