My Favourite Animal Companions

When I am reading I am always a sucker for an animal companion in a book. I have always loved animals so I love it when I can read about somebody else’s connection with them. One thing I hate is they usually die for no reason and that will probably effect me more than if a main human character dies. So here are my favourite animal companions:

Ryu from The Lunar Chronicles

Winter was one of my favourite characters from this series and the scenes I loved were the ones involving Ryu. He was so charismatic and I loved his scenes with Scarlet too. However, I did not like how certain characters treated him…

Fang from The Harry Potter Series

This one is mainly from the films but I just lover Fang. His big droopy face and ears he is just so cute! And the fact that he is a gentle giant just like Hagrid is so sweet!

Nosy from Assassin’s Apprentice

This little pup broke my heart on two separate occasions and I was a MESS trust me. But also this book was fantasic and I need to read everything else by Robin Hobb.

Church from The Shadowhunter Series

Grumpy magical cat is my kind of cat. I feel like I have laughed at every scene Church has been in so far. Also love the name I think it is quite clever.

Chainsaw from The Raven Cycle

I like ravens and I also recently got my first chainsaw ticket so he ticks all the boxes for me!

Let me know who your favourite animal companions are! 

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9 thoughts on “My Favourite Animal Companions

  1. One of my favorite animal companions is probably Rollo from the Outlander series :3 he’s half wolf, half dog and super loyal to his owner and they do everything together. He’s finally gonna be introduced on the show next season too! 💖

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    1. I have heard so many good things about Outlander! I am always put off by the size of the books tho and then I don’t want to watch the series before I have finished the book bc I am that kinda person… Hopefully I will get round to them eventually! x


  2. I completely agree with Ryu! I also rally love Buttercup from The Hunger Games, and how even though Katniss hates him she still saves him for Prim. And of course all the dire wolves and dragons from A Song of Ice and Fire!

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