Book Review: Grey Sister by Mark Lawrence (Book 2 of the Ancestor) + Giveaway!

This review will be in 2 parts as I did with my review of Red Sister. The first part will be a non-spoiler review and the second part will be full of spoilers. This is because I can’t help myself when it comes to talking about these books. I have a lot of feelings because I just love them so much and I hope you will read them and love them as much as I do! So on with non-spoilery part!

I want to thank Mark Lawrence for sending me my copy of Grey Sister!

You can find my giveaway for a US hardback edition here (This is UK only and runs up until 17th May)

Part 1: Spoiler Free Review

If you haven’t read Red Sister yet then this will probably contain things from Red Sister so you might want to read that first and then come back here later!

So, Mark Lawrence has done it again. *shock* I have fallen even more in love with these characters and this world which I did not think was at all possible, but here I am… The main thing I loved about Grey Sister was that we got to understand more about Abeth and Sweet Mercy and the girls we love. Although Nona is still our main character (and my main gal) we don’t just get her point of view this time. I loved that we were able to see the world from Abbess Glass and Kettle. It really opened up the world so much more and made for amazing world building. Through this we also got to understand more about the characters and understand their lives a little bit more. Including Zole who has stepped up so much from Red Sister and I am all for it! She is so precious and even though she probably doesn’t need protecting, she needs protecting at all costs!

I loved the direction this story went in. This is a sequel that does not have middle book syndrome. For those of you that don’t know middle book syndrome is something that usually happens in trilogies where the second in the series (the middle book) is lacking and can be used just as a bit of a filler. Grey Sister is so far away from this trope! The direction I thought the book was going to go in from the ending of Red Sister was just so different from the actual plot. Which I loved because I hate it when you pick up a sequel and you already know where the plot is going and what is going to happen. Just like while reading Red Sister I had no idea what was going to happen, when it was going to happen or to who. It really kept me on my toes and kept me guessing the whole way through!

I am still loving the wholesome friendship vibes. It makes me so happy to be reading a series with predominately female characters where they actually love and care for each other. This is why Nona is still my main gal. She is loyal and cares about friendship so much but she is also deadly and violent and I love it. I still feel like if you take away the killing aspect so many of these characters are so relatable and I think that it is amazing. Mark Lawrence has done an amazing job with writing these characters and I am still not over how real they can feel at times. (Yes I wish I was novice, who doesn’t?!)

I honestly thoroughly enjoyed Grey Sister and this is the series that I am all for. I am already dying for Holy Sister even though the wait is going to be a long one… Guess I will just have to read other Mark Lawrence books to fill the hole that he has left me! I have not felt this way about a series of books in a long time and I am so excited to have this hype back.

Let me know what you think! Are you excited for Grey Sister? Do you love this series as much as I do? 

Grey Sister is already out in the US but is due out in the UK 17th May! (so you should totally pre-order it)

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Part 2: Full of Spoilers! Please Turn Away Now if You Haven’t Read it Yet! (but come back when you have!)

Okay, I want this to be less of me gushing about certain things that happened in Grey Sister, but it is me… and if you have read my previous reviews you know I am not good at that. Especially when it comes to this series because I am just so in love with it!

I want to start of by saying I loved the addition of Keot! I thought having his opinion butting in all the time was so funny. He made Nona look like an absolute saint which is quite hard to do considering. He was literally a devil on Nona’s shoulders. I think I will miss him in Holy Sister honestly….

One thing I cannot stop thinking about is Regol. So far he has had a pretty small roll in the series but when he made his appearance in Grey Sister I was like ‘Yes! I need more of this boy and I need it now!’ I really hope he gets a bigger role in Holy Sister because I feel like he could really add a lot, especially when it comes to Nona. However, not romantically because I am really enjoying the fact that romance isn’t a main factor with the novices. Basically Regol is my boy and I need to read more about him. (It was kinda easy for him to be my boy for this book because there are so few of them. Also basically every other male so far has been a bit evil…)

Can somebody tell me that I am not the only one still clinging onto that little bit of hope that Hessa is not dead??? Because there is part of me (the part that is still in denial) that just refuses to accept that she is dead. I think I may be going off the Game of Thrones logic that ‘If you don’t see them die, they aren’t really dead‘. Now technically, we didn’t see Hessa die… Am I grasping at straws here?!

One of my Favourite scenes from the whole book was the box scene. Nona’s plan was so elaborate I was in awe watching it all play out. I’m pretty sure my mouth was just open the entire time because I was just trying to contemplate everything that was happening.

And finally the last note that I made for Grey Sister was ‘OMG’

Tell me do you think my theories are true or do I just need to accept the fact that characters die? Do you love the same characters that I do? What was your favourite scene! 

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