Six for Sundays! Favourite Snacks to Read With

Okay so I love snacks, probably a lot more than I should… But how can I resist?!

1. Brownie Bites:

love those little brownie squares that you can buy in boxes from most supermarkets. I can eat a whole box of them in one sitting

2. Bourbons:

My favourite biscuit of all time. They are also 100x better than a custard cream DO NOT @ ME

3. Pringles

Just amazing, only issue is that I can sit and get through most of a tub before I stop myself. Also they are expensive now and I am a student and I cannot cope with that

4. Grapes

Preferably red. They are just so more-ish and easy to eat

5. Millionaire Shortbread Bites

Same as the brownie ones, still good but not a brownie

6. Crispy or Chocolate M&M’s

The big packet. The little packets are gone in like 5 seconds and I deserve more than that…

Thank you for letting me list all of the reasons why I am putting on weight! If only I could just eat grapes all the time… but who am I kidding, I just love chocolate! 

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