Term 2 Book Haul

So when I’m at uni I limit myself to how many books I can buy because then my suitcase will be too heavy to bring home. It would also just be full of books and nothing else… I forgot to do one of these for Term 1 so oops! But here are all the books I got from January to March:

Our Endless Numbered Days ARC!

This is a book I have heard a lot about over the years and I picked this up in a charity shop. This is an ARC, in a charity shop! It is one my Mam and I both want to read and I think I only paid like £1 for it, bargain!

Interview with the Vampire

So I love vampires and I love books. Why it has taken me so long to get the 2nd best vampire book ever written I will never know. This was another charity shop purchase.

The Final Empire (Mistborn Series)

You guessed, another charity shop buy. I love charity shops for their book sections. I have been seeing a lot of people enjoy this series so I just had to pick it up!

The Lie Tree

This is another charity shop buy and a book that I feel like everybody has read, except from me… So hopefully I can get round to reading this one some time soon!

The Truth and Lies of Ella Black

I received this in The Wildest Dreams Book Box for February. Which I love by the way! I’ve seen a lot of good things about this book so hopefully I will enjoy it too…

Red Sister

I received this from the author Mark Lawrence. As I am writing this I am just over half way through and I am loving it. Like I am just obsessed with it completely. *Update* I finished it and you can read my review for it here!

To Kill A Kingdom

Literally the only thing I know about this book is that there are sirens and a prince in it. But I got it for the hype so I hope I like it too.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

I enjoyed Throne of Glass and I feel like I will probably like this series more!

A State of Sorrow

I am actually meeting the author Melinda Salisbury in early February and I am excited but I also thought I should own and read the book before meeting her…

That you for reading. Let me know which book I need to start ASAP or if any of your faves are in this list!

Thank you for reading, dont forget to check out my twitter, instagram and my bookshop! xoxox


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