Okay so I am finally back home for Easter which means I can actually look at my bookshelves for reference!

I feel like I don’t dislike a lot of characters so even with all of my books in front of me this could be kinda hard…

1. Lincoln (The Extinction Trials) – I don’t want friends that keep secrets from me that could ultimately get me killed or screw me over in the future.

2. Dorian Gray – I love the book but all his friends end up dead and that is not how I want to end up anytime soon

3. Jessamine (TID) – I liked her as a character but as a friend I thought she was quite selfish and a bit of a spoilt brat at times

4. Joffrey –  Again I don’t want to die…

5. Juliette (Shatter Me) – I actually couldn’t bare her in the book so I deff would not want to become friends with her. I’d rather she touched me and got it over with

6. Thorin Oakenshield – He was kinda selfish and almost always grumpy and that doesn’t sound like a good friend to me

I’m sorry list list almost became a list of people I didn’t want to kill me, but I think a good friendship is a one where neither party tries to kill the other. 

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