Tropes that I Love!

So recently I did a post about the tropes I hate so here is one about the ones I love!

1. Bastard Princes

So in YA I feel like there is are quite a lot of Bastard Princes. And I love them. Like every single one. Prince Kiggs from Seraphina comes to mind always when I talk about this. They are just always so sassy but have a darker more sensitive underlining. Yes.

2. Hate to Love

Don’t get me wrong I hate Unnecessary Hate Tropes where the author will make characters hate each other just so that later on they can form in love or have an amazing friendship. I’m talking about the characters who have never seen eye to eye and have always disliked each other but then some big event happens that brings them together and they become like the best of friends. I love it. It’s amazing.

3. Villains to Not-Villains

I literally mean where the villain and the hero have been up in arms since like forever and then something happens and then they are both on the same side and working together and then they both realise that actually the other isn’t so bad. YES.

4. Not Villains to Villains

You know where you think this person is a friend to the hero all along and then boom they have been evil the whole time. Now they are the Villain.

5. Sassy and Kinda Mean Characters Actually Being Really Sweet and Sensitive 

Whenever I read this trope I just die a little inside, but in a good way.

So tell me what tropes you love to read! Do you agree with mine or do you hate the ones I love? Let me know! 

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8 thoughts on “Tropes that I Love!

  1. I love every one of these so freaking much! Bastard Princes are the best because they have so much strength and development in the story. The sassy characters is what make the story more fun for me. Plus when you see a character turn into a villain the right way I feel more connected to them because we got to see how they became the villain. Great post 😊😊

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