Books I Can’t Wait To Read

So I have so many books and so little time but I want to read them all! So I have made a list of books that I own that I really really really want to read. Hopefully as soon as possible, if not this year! This is mainly about books I own or books I intend to own very very soon.

1. The Dream Thieves 

I read The Raven Boys a couple years ago and loved it. For some reason it has taken me so long to pick up the sequel… I need to finish this series asap.

2. Siege and Storm

I just read Shadow and Bone and absolutely flew through it. I need to finish this trilogy and I need to finish it fast!

3. American Gods

My cousin gave me a copy of this a year ago because he had a spare one. It has sat on my shelf unread ever since. I want that to change because I need more Neil Gaiman in my life. All I know about this book is some man gets engulfed by a vagina but I’m still interested in it

4. Grasshopper Jungle

This one has just been sat on my shelf for far too long and I need to change that

5. The Sin Eaters Daughter 

I have just heard so much about this that I need to pick it up and read asap!


Let me know in the comments which book you think I should read first! 

Thank you for reading, dont forget to check out my twitterinstagram and my bookshop! xoxox 


7 thoughts on “Books I Can’t Wait To Read

  1. Like you “Siege and storm” ! For the other books that I really want to read soon : Illuminae, Asylum, Book 3 of The Mortal Instruments !

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  2. I’ve heard so much about American Gods and The Sin Eaters Daughter as they are both books on my TBR! Really intrigued if they will live up to the hype.


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