Tropes that I Hate.

So I’ve seen this type of post going around a lot so I thought I’d let everybody know mine. If the ones I hate are the ones you love let me know in the comments why!

1. Insta-Love 

Also known as ‘lust’ or ‘teenage hormones’. Where two characters see each other across the room for the first time and then decide to fuck up their lives and the lives of others bc omg isn’t that person so beautiful I must be in love with them! Examples of this can be found in most YA such as Divergent and Twilight.

2. Every Character in the Book Having to be Paired Up

Because nobody is complete without love right? And everybody and their friends all fall in love and live happily ever after all within the same friend group… right? I’m looking specifically at Cassandra Clare here… Like literally all the main characters from The Infernal Devices end up together ALL OF THEM. People can be single and happy Cassie.

3. Timid Clumsy Main Character is Suddenly Better Than Everybody at Everything

This is often ‘The Chosen One’. They have literally never even looked at a sword or had any sort of combat training but instantly they are better than people who have been training their whole lives for it. And even though they are fantastic at all sorts of combat they are also so cute and clumsy… How does that one work out??

4. Love Triangles

Just why?

5. All YA Female Protagonists Looking the Same

This one annoys me a lot. Why is every girl pale af, small, has brown hair but like bright coloured eyes or whatever. Like yes I am very pale and its nice to have that rep for me, but none of these characters have the same struggle as me to try and find foundation that is literally white. It is always just that they are so pale and beautiful and blah blah blah. Give me imperfections. Give me girls that aren’t 5ft3 or below. Give me girls that aren’t pale. Give me girls that AREN’T ALL THE SAME.

So these are my most hated tropes! Let me know what tropes you hate in the comments. Or if I hate one of your fave tropes tell me why I should change my mind! 

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12 thoughts on “Tropes that I Hate.

  1. UGHHH I am so with you on the Insta-love and the pairing up of all the characters. While I really liked The Lunar Chronicles– it BUGGED me that there were so many couples and that EVERY single person in the gang was in a coupledom with another person in the gang. ANNOYING!! And it is SUPER unbelievable that someone who is constantly tripping over their own feet is magically going to be an agile beast on the battlefield. Just no.

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    1. I haven’t finished the Lunar Chronicles yet so I never really noticed it happening. But maybe by the end of Cress I’ll see it more! Yep they’re just so clumsy so they can fall into the love interests arms basically!


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