The Makeup Book Tag

Hi! I wasn’t tagged by anybody to do this (yay). But I will do it because it looks fun! I saw Ali from HardBackHoarder do this. She is a booktuber and I love and watch all of her videos!

Also I want to maybe try and incorporate more than just books to this blog. What do you think? Does more than books sound like a good idea?

Anyway on with the tag!

1. PRIMER: pick a book that left a lasting impression

For my actual makeup primer I use The Body Shop instablur primer but hardly anymore bc I’m starting to feel like primer is a scam and moisturiser works just fine…

The book would have to be A Traveller In Time by Alison Uttley. Haven’t been able to stop thinking about Mary Queen of Scots or this book since I read it in January!

2. FOUNDATION: pick your favourite first book in a series

I usually use Kat Von D Lock It foundation in Light 42 (bc I’m pale af) or The Body Shop Clay Matte foundation for more of an everyday thing

Rebel of the Sands. I haven’t actually read the rest of the series yet but I keep thinking about how good the first book was and just like wow

3. CONCEALER: pick a character you wish you could get rid of

I use Urban Decay’s concealer and it is magic I love it

Mal from Shadow and Bone. I have only read the first book in this series so far but I just found him really dull and not worth Alina’s time (This also might be bc I love The Darkling but we will just ignore that…)

4. POWDER: pick your favourite last book in a series

I use the NYX setting powder or the ghost powder from Make Up Revolution (Even though they both give me terrible flashback and make me look ghostly af in pics)

I haven’t really finished that many series which is kinda embarrassing… Zombie Dawn by Steve Feasey was p good even though I must have like 14 when I finished that series

5. EYEBROWS: a book that you think everyone should read

I use the Freedom brow pomade or the Make Revolution Pencil thing

Everybody should read Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. It’s amazing and I think about it every time somebody asks me this question

6. EYESHADOW: pick a book that has your favourite colours on the cover

The Urban Decay Ultimate Basics pallet and the NYX Ultimate in Cool Neutrals are fab.

Clockwork Prince. I love the dark blue and the silver and the black and also the browns and just that cover is amazing. Also Jem.

7. EYELINER: pick a dark & mysterious book

I use Kiko eyeliner bc it is literally the best one I have ever tried.

A dark and mysterious book would have to be The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. Love it!

8. MASCARA: pick a loooooong book

I’m using a one by Kiko and I kinda don’t like it. I prefer the Too Faced Better Than Sex one

Red Sister by Mark Lawrence. I’m reading it right now and I think it might be the longest book I read for the entire year.

9. BLUSH: pick a book that had some cringe-worthy romance

I don’t use blush bc I try to look dead and having rosy cheeks doesn’t help that.

I have read a lot of books with cringe-worthy romance but my number one for this is Alice in Zombieland. The romance in that book was on another level of cringe for me. However, when I described it to my friend she said that that is the romance she loved so, each to their own.

10. HIGHLIGHTER: pick a book that brightened your day

I will use any Makeup Revolution highlighter or anything that is silver.

Any of the Lunar Chronicles. I am currently listening to the series on audiobook and whenever I listen to them my day is always brighten bc they are just so funny!

11. LIPSTICK: your favourite book kiss

Anything that is matte and grey toned. Or black. Black is good.

I don’t really pay attention to book kisses bc I’m not a fan of romance but I do remember Cinder’s first kiss very well just bc of how funny that scene was to me when I was listening to it!

12. CONTOUR: pick a book that could do with some slimming down

I will use any grey tone to contour with to make it look like I have a jaw line lol.

Winter by Marissa Myer. That audiobook is like 24 hours long. 24 HOURS. How am I ever going to get the goodreads badge for listening to a book in one sitting when it is that long!! I’m sure it will be worth it though!

Thank you for reading! Let me know of what you think about me not just talking about books all the time in the comments! 

Also I tag literally anybody who reads this. Just go ahead and do it like I did bc this was fun!

Thank you for reading, dont forget to check out my twitterinstagram and my bookshop! xoxox 



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