I’m starting Six for Sundays *yay* this is a thing by Steph from ALittleButALot 

This weeks prompt is Characters I Wouldn’t Want to be Stuck in a Lift With! 

1.  Clary Fray – for some reason I just think that she would find someway to make being stuck in a lift worse bc she seems to always make every situation worse

2. Gilderoy Lockhart – if I found out some way to get us out he would erase my mind and then write a book about how great he was

3. Okiku (From the Girl in the Well) – I know she is a good spirit and only kills child murderers but like still… she is kinda creepy

4. Queen Levana – No thank you I do not want to be stuck anywhere with somebody that can control my mind

5. IKO – As much as I love IKO and I think she is funny and cute, there is only so much time I would be able to cope with her gushing over Kai

6. Hagrid – If I’m gonna be stuck I at least would like room to myself. Having a half giant might take some of that space away….

What do you think, do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know!

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10 thoughts on “Six For Sunday! Six Characters I wouldn’t Want to be Stuck in a Lift With….

  1. I think with Lockhart there is the risk of being stuck in an elevator with him that you may have to listen to him for countless hours him talking about himself!

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