Blog Tour: The Study of Silence by Malia Zaidi (#3 Lady Evelyn Mystery)


I read this book as part of a Blog Tour and for that I thank Jenny and Malia Zaidi for letting me take part!

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Lady Evelyn Carlisle has returned home to England, where she is completing her degree at St. Hugh’s, a women’s college in Oxford. Her days are spent poring over ancient texts and rushing to tutorials. All is well until a fateful morning, when her peaceful student life is turned on its head. Stumbling upon the gruesome killing of someone she thought she knew, Evelyn is plunged into a murder investigation once more, much to the chagrin of her friends and family, as well as the intriguing Detective Lucas Stanton. The dreaming spires of Oxford begin to appear decidedly less romantic as she gathers clues, and learns far more than she ever wished to know about the darkness lurking beyond the polished veneer. Can she solve the crime before the killer strikes once more, this time to Evelyn’s own detriment? 


This book is the 3rd in a series but can be read as a stand-alone. However, I think I would have preferred to have read the other 2 in the series as this book references back a lot.  Almost everything from the other 2 books are explained without any major spoilers, which I was glad of.

I enjoyed the main character, Lady Evelyn, and seeing her develop as the story unfolded. I also really enjoyed how progressive the female characters were in this book. They were not afraid to push boundaries and be heard in a time in which women were still seen to be inferior.

The mystery in this book is also very enjoyable. If you’re looking for a slow burn of a mystery with lots of twists and turns then this is the story for you. I love a good murder mystery and really enjoyed how this story unfolded and turned out.

The book is set in Oxford which is a thing that I loved as I visit Oxford often. It was lovely being able to picture Evie in all the situations in all the places I have come to know so well.

I would say that it takes a little time to get into the story,. However, once it does get into all the mystery it really gets into it.

Thank you again to Malia Zaidi for letting me review this book as part of the tour as I very much enjoyed the experience!

You can find the book here: GoodReads  Amazon UK  Amazon US

Don’t forget to check out what everybody else thought on the tour!

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