Book Covers That I Love!

So I am going to do this for books that I have read and if this goes down well then I can do a part 2 for books that I haven’t read!

I will judge a book by its cover, the prettier the cover the more likely I am to read it. I’m vein and materialistic, there I said it!

So to start of my favourite of all time (so far):

The Barnes and Noble editions of Dracula and Frankenstein



Do I even have to explain why I love these covers?? Look at them! Also I love these books. Mery Shelley is my queen and I first read Dracula when I was like 13… getting my goth fix from a young age.




The Infernal Devices Series



This whole series in hardcover is just beautiful. Like look at it. I’ve used Clockwork Prince bc it was my favourite book in the series and I love Jem so so so much!





The Night Circus



One of the only reasons I picked up this book was the cover… and also Carrie Hope Fletcher was talking about it a lot in her videos.





Master Song (Blue Time Series) 



Look at it. Just look at it. Its amazing and beautiful. Just look.









Amazing book and an amazing cover. Dragons and Cathedrals need to be on more book covers.






Thank you for reading. Let me know what are some of your favourite book covers? Are some of them the same as mine? 

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3 thoughts on “Book Covers That I Love!

  1. The Night Circus’ cover is definitely gorgeous and I picked up this book for the same reason, since Carrie Hope Fletcher mentioned it loads in a video. Though it has been on my shelf for almost four years now!

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