Lets Talk Books: The Extinction Trials by S.M. Wilson



I received this book in the Wildest Dreams Book Box as part of the ‘Into the Jungle’ theme. Overall I did really enjoy the book however I rated it 3 stars because I just felt like something was lacking… I had already heard so much hype surrounding this book through twitter and other bloggers so I couldn’t wait to get into it! I loved how unique the world was and for the most part enjoyed the story.

First I will talk about the plot. The story itself did somewhat remind me of The Hunger Games so if you enjoyed them you will probably enjoy this too. The training and action scenes were the parts that I loved reading the most. They were intense and well written. I especially loved the encounters with the dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs were very well written. Or as well written as creatures we don’t know an awful lot about can be. They were exactly as you would see them in Jurassic Park or how they are shown in a lot of museums. S.M. Wilson must have done a bit more research and used more modern theories that dinosaurs actually had feathers. This was an approach that I liked because it was new and different.

The main issue that I had with the characters in the book was their lack of depth and back ground. This is such as not knowing almost anything about Storm’s (our main character) background. I am aware that it was supposed to be mysterious but for me it just felt like there was nothing there. Her mother was mentioned at the beginning briefly and is then only ever mentioned again at the end where it becomes a big plot point. However by this point I had forgotten that Storm had even mentioned her. Also Kronar, another character in the book, has a very intense fear of the water. But this is never explained. I was waiting to find out some dramatic story about him and what happened in the water but it just never came… This is one of the reason the characters fell a little flat for me as I thought they lacked depth. But they were still enjoyable characters.

The characters overall were very enjoyable to read as they had a good sense of humour and were not purposefully stupid to help the plot along (and thank god because I hate that trope so much). My favourite were the 3 Northern characters. I thought they were very realistic and worked well together to be a realistic group of friends. I loved how driven Lincoln was and how he even would question his own morals and what he was doing. What I really loved was Storms conscience. As a conservation student I shared  a lot of her views about what her government were planning to do.Storm had genuine worries about the destruction of the land and the species of the dinosaurs. She strongly believes the land belongs to them and the struggles the humans are facing are due to human influence.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and its unique world and strong views on ethical conservation and the evils of bio-piracy and species destruction. I think this book is a fantastic example and metaphor for how we as humans treat our planet and where we could be going… obviously with less dinosaurs…

If you have read this book then let me know what you thought in the comments below! How did you find? Can you not wait for the sequel, bc yes THERE IS A SEQUEL! 

Thank you for reading xoxoxox



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