My Top 5 Forgettable Books

Today I’m going to be talking about books that I have read that I cannot remember anything about. I haven’t read all that many books that I have forgotten about but I do have some book I wish I could forget reading! Most of these books I just forgot about because I really didn’t enjoy them and the story line was meh.

If these are some of your top faves don’t take offence I’m just picky.

In no particular order:

Shatter Me


Honestly all I remember is somebody called Adam… maybe? Some girl in a weird prison thing and the ending being so random and weird that I was just like ??? And I have no idea what happened in the middle. I remember the ending really wasn’t where I was expecting this book to go and it put me off reading the rest of the series

Alice in Zombieland


Stolen glances with a boy she shouldn’t be into but she is. Has nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland apart from a vague reference to a white rabbit. Thank god I forgot this book honestly, I remember hating every page of it

The Giver


I remember quite enjoying it when I was reading it but all I can actually remember is books and a weird old man teaching the boy things then maybe he escapes? Honestly no idea…

The Prey


Kids escape from a camp, go on the longest journey ever, of which I can’t remember any details, then they turn back and go all the way back. That is it, thats the book.

Skulduggery Pleasant


I read this book in one day back in college but I genuinely have no idea what happened. I remember Skulduggery being suave af but that is it… what was the plot of this again??? I rated it 5 stars on goodreads so I must have enjoyed it!

Which books have you read that you can’t remember? Let me know in the comments! xoxox


9 thoughts on “My Top 5 Forgettable Books

  1. How can someone forgets The Giver T_T I am not judging or anything XD I think I am just a bit obsessed with the book and I have watched the movie a couple of times XD
    You are on the right track for The Giver, the old man is not weird but he teaches the kid a lot of the world and society. He teaches him the truth about the world they live in and decide to free them all by escaping :3 it is full of symbolism.
    Perfect for the mythological approach XD

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