Lets Talk Books: Scarlet by Marissa Myer


(This review may contain spoliers from Cinder so if you haven’t read it and plan to mayb come back to this review)

I absolutely LOVE this series so far. I am really annoyed that I didn’t get on this series sooner like everybody else did. Better late than never tho right? Marissa Myer’s writing is just so clever and funny I can’t help but love these books. I’m listening to this series on audiobook (because I love audiobooks now). When I listened to the last couple of hours I was on a long drive with my boyf and even he was laughing at parts (mainly IKO bc she is hilarious) and he was also laughing at me when I was actually gasping and nearly crying.

The storyline of this book follows Cinders story and a new character Scarlet. I loved still being able to follow Cinder’s story and her progress as well as following Scarlets story. The way that the stories both interlinked was very clever and so good. The whole way through this book I was so invested in the plot. Is Wolf really a good guy? Is he double crossing? Where is Scarlet’s Grandmother? What is Levana plotting? Why is Levana so mad about everything? Why does she hate everybody so much? Who hurt her? You know… the real questions. I don’t think I guessed the plot twists either which is quite rare for me in YA books. I usually guess the ending or the twist before it happens but not with Scarlet.

Scarlet also introduced one of my favourite characters possibly ever? ‘Captain’ Carswell Thorne. I think he is joint 1st with IKO for favourite characters in this series. He is just so funny and charismatic and weird I can’t help but love him. Also IKO and Thorne’s interactions are just everything for me. I did also like the new characters which were introduced, Scarlet and Wolf. I wasn’t really a fan of the almost insta-love. Like it had been 2 days and they were already like ‘I missed the touch of being in his arms’. INsta-love is something that I just really can’t stand but after that initial ‘But daddy I love him’ moments it slowed down to a more tolerable level. I honestly think the only characters I don’t like are the characters you’re not supposed to like. Which is very refreshing because usually books can be easily ruined for me if there is one annoying character that I cannot stand!

Overall the story and the characters in this book were fantastic! I have already started reading/listening to Cress. I can’t wait to get through this series because I love it so much and I just wish that I had read it earlier. This was definitely a series I feel like I missed out on looking back.

Have you read this series yet? Do you love it as much as I do? Also if you have read the series should I read Fairest before Winter or does it not matter? Let me know what you thought in the comments xoxox


5 thoughts on “Lets Talk Books: Scarlet by Marissa Myer

    1. I’m very much in my fantasy but i mainly enjoy older settings and courts and no technology. When I first read the synopsis for Cinder I really questioned if I would enjoy it or not but I listened to it anyway bc I had a audible credit and I thought it was great. It doesn’t focus too much on the space setting until book 3 in my opinion. I just think this series is so well written and fun that it could be set anywhere in anytime and i would still enjoy it!

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