Lets Talk Books: Seraphina by Rachel Hartman



I loved reading this book so much! I did get in a bit of a slump while reading this but it was not the books fault. It was the last and 10th book I read last year and it ended my 2017 reading year well. The story follows a girl named Seraphina, a music mistress for royalty, but she is also half dragon… She must keep the whole half dragon thing on the DL which is pretty hard when you have bright silver scales covering parts of your body. Obviously things aren’t smooth sailing especially when a dragon returns and threatens to break the treaty between humans and dragons.

I loved the story line this book follows. It really lets you explore this new world where dragons and humans live together and all their weird technology and politics. The story is full of mystery and wonder and really keeps you reading.

Possibly my favourite part of this book was the characters. If you have followed my blog/reviews for a while you will know I have a *very* soft spot for princes. Extra points for arrogant princes, but most of all I just can’t help but love a bastard prince. Kiggs, the bastard prince of this story is one of my favourite characters and I can’t wait to see where the story takes him next. My other favourite was Orma, Seraphina’s Dragon Uncle. The Dragons in this story do not understand the human world of emotions very well which leads to confusion. Orma was not only a strong father figure to Seraphina but also just a great character to follow.

Another thing I loved about the characters was how diverse they were. A YA book where not everybody was straight and white? Seraphina does it. A YA book where somebody being gay wasn’t their entire story line? Seraphina does it. A YA book where the struggles of marginalised people are openly discussed? You get it by now… Serpahina does it.

Usually books I rate 5/5 when they have made me emotional (aka makes me cry). This book was no different. Thank You Rachel Hartman for making me cry on a train, the woman sat next to me gave me very funny looks.

I loved this world and its characters and cannot wait to read the second book in this series ‘Shadow Scale’. I would like to thank my Mam for recommending this series to me because I absolutely love it!

TLDR; Dragons, politics, half-dragons and bastard princes? This book has it all and more. Great story with diverse characters will keep you reading and not wanting to put this book down. 



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