I think its a good book for young people to read as it starts conversations about many things that young adults should be talking about but are often discouraged. This books talks openly about sex , sexuality, experimentation, consent and also slut shaming. I think this book is fantastic for opening a conversation for young people about being open about sex. I believe these are all topics that should be talked about more openly as they are important conversations to be had.

The book is set from the perspective of a young boy named Cole who has a ‘rep’. I think Daniel Handler did really well with making things as open as possible while also tackling difficult and taboo subjects like experimentation of sexuality and slut shaming. On the whole I wish there was more of a storyline to go with this book as it was quite disjointed and short. It was a very unique writing style and a very /interesting/ perspective. But I still enjoyed the writing style and would recommend giving it a read if you aren’t sensitive to the content. Very short and quick read. Would recommend picking this book up!

TLDR; A book from the perspective of a sexually active boy that tackles tough subjects that young adults are often discouraged from reading. A very controversial book for many reasons. Would give it a read if you aren’t sensitive to the topics mentioned in the review. 

Have you read this book yet? What did you think? Let me know in the comments if you have read this or will be reading it in the future! 



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