Lets Talk Books: Looking For Alaska by John Green


This is a very old review that I wrote on my tumblr years ago and new uploaded here. Sorry if it is a bit shit but whatever… I like to think that I have improved since this.


This is the second ever John Green book I’ve ever read the first being The Fault in Our Stars when I was 14 and had only just discovered tumblr. Both John Green books that I have read I’ve read in roughly 2/3 days. (It normally takes me about a week with those kind of books just fyi). I did absolutely love this book, even more than TFIOS (Unpopular Opinion Alert?) It is ridiculously pretentious and I think that is why I loved it so much. I just love me some pretentious teens doing pretentious things.

Now at first, I wasn’t really a fan it took me a little while to get into the story and actually like the characters. Its all a bit rushed introductions and the stereotype of ‘awkward kid meets new group of friends and they do ridiculous things and awkward kid isn’t that awkward anymore’ is very present. I really don’t mind this stereotype because it means I get to read about awkward pretentious teens doing pretentious things. The book makes you think about how much you wish you could have done these sort of things in school without getting in mad trouble for it.

There is a running theme about ‘Last Words’ throughout which I just though was very well fitting with the overall book. However, I’m yet to mention the second part of the book which will feel like you’ve been in a fucking car crash and my god if you’re going to read this be prepared! Despite part two of the book it still manages to be lighthearted and funny and pretentious. I would recommend this book over TFIOS. John Green is a sadist and seems to just write books that tear your heart out… but still at least he can make you laugh as well.

TLDR: Book about pretentious teens is happy then gets sad then gets happy again. Worth the read. Better than TFIOS in my opinion and my opinion is obvs always right. John Green is a sadist 

Let me know what you thought about the book if you read it or if you wanna fight me over which book is better, my inbox is always open. 


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