My TBR Jar

If you followed my blog a couple years ago you might remember my TBR Jar. An idea I stole from somebody on booklr or booktube because I thought it looked pretty cool. I then stopped using this (probably just bc I got lazy).

If you don’t know what a TBR Jar is, it is  jar (obviously) that you write down all the books on your physical TBR and cut them out. You then put them in the jar and give it a good ol’ shake before picking out one of the pieces of paper. This will help you for picking out your next book to read. You can also use them if you’re on a book buying ban/restriction. So you put all the books that you want to buy in a jar and then pick on out when you’ve allowed yourself to buy a new book or too and then that helps you decide!

Since I’m trying to read more and get through my tbr I thought this would be helpful to shift some of the books that have been on there for a while. Also when I’m being really indecisive it can chose books for me and also help me to cull some books that I will never read.

So I decided to go through my old TBR Jar thinking I’d probably just need to talk a couple out… I was wrong! I’ve read way more books than I thought I had in the past couple of years, which was really nice to see and kinda motivational.

So this was how full it was before:


When I opened it some spilled over the top!

Then this is after spending some time removing all the books I’ve either read, sold or donated (most read):


And then this is it after I filled it with all the new books that I have bought over the last couple of years:


Its pretty full again but not as full as it used to be which is MUCH less intimidating!

So the first book I have picked out was Seraphina by Rachel Hartman which I did a post on before HERE and that is my TBR for this month!


Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Do you have a TBR and actually use it? Or are you like me that started one and then just let it get covered in dust?



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