Lets Talk Books: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


So, this book, omg this book. I absolutely fell head over heels while reading this I never wanted to put it down. The writing style, amazing. The characters, brilliant. The world, fantastic. It has definitely made its way to my favourites shelf and it earned its space up there.

First I’m going to talk about the two main characters and their romance because I’m just really not over it, like at all…

So from the book synopsis I assumed it was just two magicians that fall in love in a nice fantasy setting while in competition with each other. But its not. It is so much more! It begins by introducing the two main characters Marco and Celia when they are just children and have never met. It then shows their lives as they grow up and then their lives slowly intertwine but they spend so little time with each other. They each live their lives locked in competition while also falling in love. If you have read my other reviews and posts you may know that I am not the biggest fan of romance. When I do enjoy a romance I like it to be true, not insta love and not two people just thrown together just because. I like the characters to fall for each other naturally, you know how they do in real life. What I got from this book was something so much more than I expected. It wasn’t just two characters that had to spend a lot of time together and then eventually ended up kissing. Marco and Celia spend about a quarter of the book actually in each others company. What makes them fall in love is each others work, their magic. For the competition they each must best the other with different illusions and forms of magic. And it is through this that they begin to get to know each other and fall in love. It is possibly one of the greatest romances that I have had the pleasure to read.

So now I’m done being soppy I’ll discus the rest of the book.

The world it is set in is beautiful. It is our world, but one where magic exists and it is kept secret and only shared to certain people. The main setting is within the Night Circus itself which is created by a group of extraordinary people who for the most part do not know of magic. They also do not know that the Circus will be more than just a circus but an arena for the competition taking place. The book also follows this group of people through the creation of the Night Circus and even well after. They are each in their own way special and make the Night Circus spectacular even before magic is introduced and their actions effect more than just the Circus itself.

The book follows many different stories, not just our main characters. They all intertwine and allow the reader to understand more of the world of the Night Circus. It allows the reader to view the Night Circus from so many different perspectives on different levels and lets you become immersed in the world as if you are a rêveur (one who has fallen in love with the Circus and explores it at every chance).

The writing style has many different POV’s and each person has their unique experience which is refreshing and interesting to read. While not much is hidden from the reader their is still so much mystery surrounding the world and makes you want to read more. Sometimes the writing becomes more poetic when describing the Night Circus, adding to the allure of the Circus itself.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anybody and everyone. It is beautifully written with intense and well developed characters. It has a solid story and world that I couldn’t find fault in and loved to be immersed in. A romance that is so different and refreshing from others. It is light hearted while also being serious and mysterious and heart breaking at times. As a whole the book just works together so well in a way that I never expected.

This book had been sat on my shelf, unread, for about 2 years and it shouldn’t have. I wish that I had picked this up sooner because it truely is an amazing read!

TLDR; Fantastic book with a unique story and well written characters. A world I wish I didn’t have to read. Pick it up now. Read it now. Just do it and thank me later. 


3 thoughts on “Lets Talk Books: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

    1. Honestly it was just such a refreshing read and one that will stick in my mind for a long time!
      That is a tough one but I think I’d have to visit either the Illusionist tent or the Ice Garden! It just seems so beautifully peaceful which is what I love

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  1. Good choice! I have a hard time picking between the cloud room and the ice garden. But really they all seem wonderful. And yes, it definitely sticks with you! I hit a minor reading slump after I finished it because I wasn’t ready for that story to be over..but hopefully that doesn’t happen to you!

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