Let’s Talk Films: Beauty and the Beast (new release)

So I’ve waited what seems like forever to go see this film. This film means a lot to me! Not only was Belle my favourite Disney Princess growing up (I even named me dog after her) but the original was the 2nd film I ever watched with my boyfriend. Since we watched it together about 10 months ago we have both been kinda excited to see this new live action version. Personally I thinks it’s a fantastic film, a bit odd and it’s got its issues but overall I really liked it a lot and will be seeing it again in the next couple weeks. 

There will be spoilers but if you’ve already seen the old one and know the story I don’t think it really matters, we all know how it ends. 

The film is pretty much the same as the animated version it has all the same songs (and more!). The characters are all the same as in the original too. The cast was amazing in my opinion. I though Emma Watson made a fantastic Belle. Also I’ve seen a few people mention it that the cast is pretty diverse to an extent. The opening scene of the film starts with a ball at the Castle. The voice over says something like ‘he only surrounded himself with the most beautiful people and things’ then the camera pans round to show a hall of beautiful women of many different races. There are plenty of POC in this film which you know is #proggressive. Also Plumette is absolutely stunning and I wish we could have seen her more in her human form because my God she is beautiful. 

The film itself seems almost like you’re watching a stage production but in the cinema. The way certain things flow and the introduction of songs reminds me of stage productions and musicals I’ve seen before. Some people might not like this but I think it worked really. 

One of my favourite things about the film was Gaston. I hate Gaston so so so much! He is really one of the scariest Disney villains out there because there are actually real men who act and think like him. This film really makes you hate him. Even Le Fou, his devoted companion, questions and doesn’t agree with some of his actions. Also I feel like the casting for him was perfect. It was literally like they had plucked Gaston from the film and brought him into real life. The same can be said about Le Fou. 

I like Le Fou as a character I thought he was witty and his acting was on point. He is also a confirmed gay character. As a queer girl myself when I found out about this I have to admit I was excited to see how they would go about this. Because even though gay people exist in real life you don’t see too many represented in films. He was the butt of jokes throughout the film which was a little disappointing because him being gay shouldn’t be a joke to other people. However, he did make a lot of the jokes himself and I thought a lot of them were quite subtle. I’m not saying making the only obviously gay character in the film a joke is acceptable I just mean that it’s not as obvious or as awful as people have been lead to think. Nobody stands out and makes fun of him due to being gay. Nobody explicitly mentions it. Aside from the jokes and two scenes towards the end nothing is like ‘he is gay’. He’s also not overly feminine or camp, which is a common trope often seen in media when introducing a gay male character. 

One of my favourite romances throughout the film was between Plumette and Lumiere. They were just so obviously in love and all they wanted was to be human again so they could be together properly again. This romance is so obviously done without being too over the top and I loved it. Once again Plumette is so beautiful I really wish we saw more of her in the film. 

The main romance in the film was obviously Beauty and the Beast. This was done in pretty much the same way as in the original. You could probably show scenes from each films and they would be almost identical. It was very believable, it wasn’t insta love *yay*. Emma Watson was a perfect Belle she really was. My only problem with the pair was that the Beast wasn’t as attractive as I thought he would be, but maybe that’s just me. I’m not saying he looked better as the Beast but I guess I was just expecting more. 

I did really love the film and I can’t wait to see it for a second time with my Mam when I go back home again. Would definitely recommend this film to anybody and everybody. SEE THIS FILM IF YOU CAN! 


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