Lets Talk Books: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

My Rating: 5/5

(There are no spoilers in this review)


             Okay so I absolutely loved this book! I read it while I was on holiday with my parents last summer. (Disclaimer: Do not read the ending in public like I did. I had to hide my tears behind sunglasses. Was not nice.) I’d heard sooooo much from so many different blogs/book tubers that this book was amazing and everybody had to read it so I got caught up in the hype and I totally agree with them. I’m pretty sure I read this in one sitting because I needed to know what had happened so bad. Which is actually the thing I loved so much about this book was the mystery.

So this book has a way of always keeping you guessing. I think this stems from the writing style which I though was very odd, but in a good way. The book is written from a characters point of view and the way she talks and describes things is very final. Like the words she is saying now are going to be her last. She is also very vague with her describing that in a way she is explaining everything to you, yet you still know nothing at all. This is what I really liked about the book you know nothing and you’re trying to work everything out in your head but nothing really fell into place for me until the last chapter when everything is explained.

Overall I think this book is beautifully written, funny and sad at the same time! I think this is a read for anybody because the characters and story line is diverse. I remember reading it and trying my best to not laugh in public (and completely failing) from some of the quotes.

TLDR: Basically read this book with an odd writing style because it will make you laugh and cry and feel feelings and stuff so yeah please read it. 

If you’ve read the book tell me what you thought of it cos I loved it and need people to talk to about this okay thanks. 


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