Lets Talk Books: The Maze Runner by James Dashner

My Rating: 3/5



I gave this book 3/5 because I really enjoyed the storyline and certain characters. However, there was a lot wrong with this book. I felt that most of the characters weren’t developed enough so I couldn’t connect with them, the writing style was ‘meh’ and worst of all… instalove.

Firstly, there were very few characters I actually cared for in this book. And actually I really didn’t like the main character, Thomas. I felt like he showed little to no emotion (except to Chuck) and the fact that he waltzed in and was smarter than the other boys annoyed me. He’d literally been there a week and he was bossing people about. Everything with him just felt so rushed.

Furthermore, the very few characters that I cared for and wanted to know more about seemed to just be pushed away so Thomas could just do everything. Also when certain characters died I didn’t feel anything because a) The character had no depth b) it was predictable.

Mostly, the instalove annoyed me. The whole ‘we don’t know each other but I feel as if I’ve know you all my life’ plot has been so overused. As soon as the girl was introduced was when the rest of the characters started being pushed away and forgotten about. If you like that romancey stuff then you might enjoy it. But I felt as if it started to overshadow the main plot.

Overall, this wasn’t a horrendous book but it also wasn’t one of my favourites. The story itself amazing but I just wish it was written a bit better and with more character development. I’m not going to read the rest of the series straight away but I will probably give them ago in the future.

TLDR: Cool new world. Very few characters I found I could care about. Pointless romancey stuff which I felt didn’t put much into the story. Instalove ughh. Probs won’t continue with the series 


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