Lets Talk Books: The Master Song (Blue Time #1) by Andrew Maloney

My Rating: 4/5

*I received this advanced copy through a GoodReads giveaway (and I’m really glad I did)



Initially I found the first 20-30 pages a bit slow and hard going but once I really got into the story I began to thoroughly enjoy it. One of things I most enjoyed was the world, Morsden Forest. It was very unique and well described with plenty of history to keep you interested.

I especially thought the characters were very well written and there was definitely a lot of good, realistic character development.

I have very little problems with this book. My main problem was there is a whole new language that the ‘Otherworlders’ spoke. Although there was a glossary which was very helpful it was a bit frustrating at times trying to remember the right definition and pronunciation.

Apart from that this book was very enjoyable and emotional (I may have teared up at the end). I will definitely be recommending it to my friends.

TLDR: Fab new fantasy world where I wish I could live. Likeable interesting characters who were actually funny. Weird new languages get a bit confusing sometimes. Need the next one now. Thanks a lot for sending me this for review ❤ 


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