Lets Talk Books: Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

My Rating 4/5

Warning: I’m probs going to go on a little bit of a rant so please not yell I know everybody else loves this book completely 

Also this review WILL HAVE SPOILERS. Since it is the last book in the series there may be spoilers for the other books but also there will be spoilers FOR THE ENDING OF THIS SERIES. All spoilers will be below the cut but please don’t be an idiot if you don’t want to be spoiled. 


Okay so this series may be one of my favourite series of all time. I love the setting, I love the characters, I love the action and yes, I even quite liked the romance in this. (Please dont tell anybody I said this, gotta keep up my heartless bitch rep you know) I’m so sad that this series has now ended for me and that this is it for my Will, Jem and Tessa. Because, yes I even really came round to Tessa in this book and Clockwork Prince even though at first I thought she was just annoying af. So I absolutely adore this series as a whole as I’ve said in my previous reviews of the first 2 books.


First of all I’m sorry if I offend anyone with this but I just have to say, I was very disappointed with the ending of this book as a whole. It wasn’t what I was expecting, its not even that it wasn’t what I wanted but it just didn’t seem to fit right with me. It all felt very rushed. So I’m gonna go through from the parts that really started to annoy me. I thought Jem was really going to die, not that I wanted him to, but thats what his whole story line was leading up to. When I saw that he became a silent brother I was like ‘Oh okay this cool at least he’s not dead’. But then later he becomes not a silent brother and just picks up life from where he left off??? That just didn’t make any sense at all to me, I think it would have been best left to either his death or him being a Silent Brother because that would have made more sense.

There is also that end battle between the Shadow Hunters and Mortmain. I felt this part especially was very rushed and sudden and just a bit weird tbh. Like I thought since it as the Final Stand, the big boss battle at the end it would have been really dramatic and took up some time but no, she turns into the Angel, kills Mortmain and they all go home. Like I swear it was just a couple of pages and it was done. I guess I just expected something more for the finale of this trilogy.

I love this series and also The Mortal Instruments (which I am half way through) but one problem I have with Clares writing is that everybody has to find love, everybody gets paired up in the end. Why? I just don’t get it. Love isn’t the be all and end of everything. Literally even Wills little sister (who frankly I found kind of annoying and rather pointless to the story) finds love with one of the Lightwood brothers.The other Lightwood brother gets with Sohpie, Will and Tessa, then Tessa and Jem. I swear the only one who stays single is Church the cat and Bridget. 

        Okay this is the final part to my problems with the ending of the book (hi if you’ve bothered to read this much). Why the fuck did Cassandra Clare think it was a good idea to let Tessa end up with both Jem and Will? Did she not want a shipping war like with Twilight? Did she not want to upset readers by putting Tessa with the ‘wrong’ boy? I just don’t get it, like to me this just makes no sense and it was like she was just trying to make everybody happy. Which I don’t think writers should do. They should write what they want and not just what the reader wants.  

A side from me, personally, disliking the ending of this book and the series. I still enjoyed it, I can get over the ending because this book still had everything I loved about the last two. I still loved the Victorian London setting, the characters and their humour and how they all work very well together. There was still the action that I wanted throughout the book. It still made me laugh and made me love the characters even more. Despite the ending this is one of my favourite series of all time, and I would recommend to anybody.

TLDR; This is still a really good book and a good series but like Cassandra Clare WTF were you on when you decided on that ending??? Like if anybody knows please tell me. Read this book thanks xoxox 

If you’ve read the book tell me what you thought of it cos I loved it and need people to talk to about this okay thanks.


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