Lets Talk Books: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

My Rating 5/5

(WARNING: This Review May Contain Spoliers For Clockwork Angel As This Is A Sequel) 



             This is a fantastic sequel which definitely does the series justice unlike some other sequels. As the second book in the series it does its job of carrying on the main plot as well as continuing it for the final book in the trilogy. It carries the characters, world and plot well so that you feel comfortable in that world and it is going to be easy to return to if/when you pick up the third and final book.

So if you’ve read my review for Clockwork Angel (book 1 in this series which you can find here) you’ll know how much I loved Will and Jem. Especially Jem. We really get to find out more about their back stories in this one, but not everything just yet as there is still more secrets and more past that I need to find out. I also mentioned that I didn’t care for Tessa much, like at all in fact. But I like her a lot more now since she seems to have stopped moaning about everything thinking shes a Jane Austen character, and finally picked up a blade and done something worth doing. Also Magnus Fucking Bane makes a return and swoops in and steals the show again. He is becoming one of my favourite fictional characters of all time, I just love him. Nothing more too it really, just love him.

I’ve mentioned a few times in previous reviews that Victorian London is one of my fave settings ever. Since I read a lot of books set in this time period, or there abouts it can easily becoming boring, overdone or ‘samey’. I am still yet to become bored of this world and the creatures in it. The ‘steampunk’ elements are still there and killing it. (Get it?) I’m still this series as a whole and can’t wait until my copy of Clockwork Princess arrives so I can finish this series.

Overall, nothing much as changed from the first book. It still has lovable main and side characters,a fantastic world with fantastic creatures, a story line that is actually going somewhere and sarcasm and wit on every page.

TLDR: Will and Jem you just keep doing you cos i love you. Tessa finally stops being a lil bitch about everything, thank god. Magnus Bane is still #1. More weird robot creatures and i love it. More opium and weird demon drugs and I love it. I love it give the next one so I can love that too thanks. 


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